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“Ted is an absolute all star. I’m a member of the Louisiana Task Force 1 Search and Rescue Canine Team and he is the guy we call when our dogs need help.

Ted is the most professional dog trainer I have ever worked with, and this professionalism is conveyed not only through his behavior towards you, but also towards your dog. He doesn’t believe in one method of training, just like diets, there is no magic bullet. He balances all sides of the positive/negative punishment/reward spectrum in an effort to provide you (and your dog) a perfectly balanced training experience. He believes in the mental health of dogs as much as the physical health and recognizes that most bad behaviors come from dogs being anxious or otherwise uncomfortable with their surroundings. Ted has been an godsend to myself, my dog, and many of the other dogs on our SAR team. He is easily reachable by email, phone or text and willing to answer even the most trivial questions. He comes to you (even if you live on the south shore), and makes sure that you get every ounce of value out of your time with him. So long as I am in New Orleans I will never use another trainer.” -Catherine C. – New Orleans, Louisiana