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In-Home Private Lessons

Hybrid Private Lessons/Stay & Train Program

The Hybrid Private Lessons/Stay & Train Training Program starts with 3 In-Home Private Lessons to begin teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash, come when called and the place command. Then, your dog will come to me for a 10 day Stay & Train to hone their skills and learn the sit/stay and down/stay, and a 1-hour go-home lesson at pick-up. Finally, we will have 2 more Private Lessons, 1 in-home to teach the Leave It command and 1 in a public place to train your dog around real world distractions.


Help your dog learn commands like sit, down, here and leave it. Begin to build a strong foundation to address unwanted behaviors in just 1 month.

Basic (1 month)
  • 3 In-Home Visits
  • Detailed 1 Month Training Plan
  • 4 Commands
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Assistance For 1 Month


Teach your dog basic obedience like sit/stay, down/stay, here, place, leave it and loose leash walking, and be able to take them out in public without a worry. Address unwanted behaviors like jumping, chewing, barking, mouthing, digging, counter-surfing, crate training, house breaking, etc. This program will help you set routines and boundaries which will help restructure and build your relationship. A Herm-Sprenger prong collar or 6' British Slip Lead is included, and you have 1 free Group Class to use within 1 year.

Premium (2 months)
  • 6 In-Home Visits
  • Detailed 2 Month Training Plan
  • 6 Commands
  • Address Unwanted Behaviors
  • 1 Video Chat
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Assistance For 2 Months
  • Training Collar or Slip Lead Included
  • 1 Free Group Class Within 1 Year


The ultimate private lessons program! Teach your dog basic on and off leash obedience, and build good manners and a calm state of mind. This program will help you establish the routines and structure that your dog needs to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. An E-Collar Technologies Remote Training Collar is included and you will learn low level remote collar communication for the most reliable obedience wherever life takes you. After training is complete, you have 2 free In-Home Private Lessons and 2 free Group Classes to use within 1 year. Payment plans are available on request.

Elite (6 months)
  • 15 In-Home Visits
  • Detailed 6 Month Training Plan
  • 2 Video Chats
  • On and Off Leash and Around Distractions
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Assistance For 6 Months
  • E-Collar Technologies Remote Training Collar Included
  • Training Collar or Slip Lead Included
  • 2 Free In-Home Lessons and 2 Free Group Classes Within 1 Year
  • Payment Plan Available

House Calls

House Calls give you and your dog a personal, one-on-one session of up to 1.5 hours of training and consultation within the comfort of your own home!

House Calls
  • Up to 1.5 Hour Session
  • 1-on-1 Training and Consultation

Cost does not include travel. This will be determined at booking based on your location.
Training equipment may not be included, as determined by the trainer.