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Meet the Trainer

Ted Carlson is a US Air Force veteran, Professional Dog Trainer and an expert in canine behavior. Ted has nearly 15 years of professional experience, but has been involved in dog training his entire life. Ted’s unique, science-based, 3 stage dog training system has helped dogs and their owners nationwide to overcome fear, anxiety, aggression, disobedience and bad manners as well as earn competition obedience titles and service dog certifications.


Ted and MWD Dutchy, Iraq 2008

In The Air Force

Ted was accepted into the US Air Force Military Working Dog Program in 2007 and was certified as a Military Working Dog Handler in 2008. In 2010 he was certified as a Military Working Dog Trainer and Kennel Master. Ted and his Military Working Dogs have completed two combat tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. By the end of his 10 year military career, Ted managed training and proficiency of 18 Military Working Dog Teams in one of the most rapidly deployable kennels in the Air Force. In the military Ted learned dedication, the importance of hard work and a mindset of excellence. Now he is dedicated to working hard to achieve excellence from your dog.

How Ted Started

After his 10 year military career, Ted started Ted Carlson Dog Training, LLC in Mandeville, Louisiana and has trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs in the Southeast Louisiana area and across the country.

In 2019, Ted opened Mandeville Canine Academy to provide a safe and happy environment for dogs to learn and play. Mandeville Canine Academy meets every dog’s needs for training, exercise, stimulation, socialization, and affection. To learn more about MCA, visit www.MandevilleCanineAcademy.com.


Ted and MWD Dutchy, Georgia 2008


Ted and MWD Lola, Afghanistan 2012


Ted and MWD Rambo, Iraq 2010